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  • How long have you been operating?
    We are a fairly new entity, having started in 2020, but our lead mentors have close to 10 years of industry experience, having worked with reputed institutes in the overseas education industry.
  • What programs are included in your guidance service?
    We guide students for the following degree programs: · Bachelor’s (any field) · Master’s (any field) · PhD (any field) · MBA · MBBS (UK only)
  • Do you provide university shortlisting services?
    Yes, university shortlisting comprises of a major share of our services. However, while we provide shortlists, we also take into account student’s preferences as deemed feasible.
  • Do you write SOPs and essays for students?
    No, we do not do any ‘ghostwriting ‘ for students since we consider it to be a malpractice, which can ultimately be harmful to the application. We, however, help the students prepare SOP and essay drafts by means of providing guidelines and samples, as well as through brainstorming sessions. We also perform thorough editing of prepared documents before the student submits it as part of the application.
  • Do you help with internships/ research experience?
    Yes. For undergraduate applicants residing in Kolkata, we can organize various activities under the banner of the prestigious Rotary Club. As for PhD applicants from Kolkata, we can organize various research based activities, since we collaborate with some research labs associated with various universities in and around the city.
  • Do you communicate with professors or universities on student’s behalf?
    No. It is not right to communicate with institutes on student’s behalf, since this forms a negative impression about the student. However, we do help the student in drafting emails by providing inputs and editing their emails once drafted, and before they are sent out to the professors or other University personnel.
  • Do you fill out the applications for the student?
    We usually do not fill out applications on behalf of students, unless they are applying through one of our agent portals. We do, however, review the applications before submission to check for accuracy. The student needs to make the necessary updates based on our feedback.
  • Do you provide visa guidance?
    Yes we provide visa guidance for major destinations like USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Do you provide accommodation services?
    We do not provide accommodation services directly, but we can guide the student along these lines to some extent.
  • Do you help with education loans?
    We are tied up with some of the major lenders such as Credila, Avanse and Axis bank and we can direct the students to the right person for loan enquiries. We can also coordinate the process to some extent. We do not, however, have any vested interest in the matter and the choice of lender is ultimately at the student’s discretion. We can only guide the student on the criteria to look or while selecting lenders.

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