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 The UK is a popular destination for international students wishing to study abroad. With its world-renowned universities and colleges, the UK offers a wide range of programs to choose from in many fields of study. UK universities are consistently ranked among the best in the world, making them an attractive option for those looking for a quality education. Additionally, post study stay back options are available to international students, allowing them to gain valuable experience in the UK job market. With countless job opportunities available, graduates of UK universities are well-positioned to take full advantage of the many opportunities this country has to offer.

  1. High class universities

  2. Internationally recognized curriculum

  3. Post-study stayback option of 2 years

  4. Excellent job and career opportunities

  5. Curriculum well-suited to industry requirements

  6. Wide range of degree options

  7. Rolling admissions: applications can be turned in for most parts of the year

  8. English taught courses

  9. Similarity with Indian education system

Popular degrees:

  1. Bachelor’s degrees: usually lasts for 3 years. Popular degrees include Engineering, Management, Social Sciences, Medicine and Law. 

  2. Master’s degrees: they usually span for 1 year. Well suited for working professionals who want a shorter duration degree before moving on with their career option. Popular degrees include Computer Science, Engineering, Management, Social Sciences, Engineering Management and Project Management. Besides, there are varied specialization options such as Master’s in Artificial Intelligence, Masters in Construction Management, etc. that are exactly suited to students’ requirements. 

  3. MBA degree: these are also oftentimes 1 year long degrees. AMBA accredited MBA degrees are always suggested. UK is home to some of the top business schools in the world including Said Business School (Oxford University), Judge Business School (Cambridge University), London Business School, UCL, Imperial College London, Warwick Business School, etc. Most schools do not require GMAT scores.



For Bachelor’s degrees- average tuition fee is around 11,000GBP/ year

For Master’s degrees- average tuition fee ranges around 15,000GBP/ year

This can vary based on the University.


Postgraduate scholarships in the UK for Indian students provide an opportunity to pursue advanced studies in the UK without worrying about financial constraints. These scholarships are offered by British universities, organizations, and government bodies to support talented Indian students who wish to pursue higher education in the UK. The UK government offers a range of scholarships to support Indian students such as the Chevening Scholarships, Marshall Scholarships, and Commonwealth Scholarships. Each year, the Chevening Scholarships fund around 1,500 scholarships for Indian postgraduate students, while the Marshall Scholarships provide up to 40 scholarships annually to Indian students. The Commonwealth Scholarships are offered to Indian students who demonstrate high academic excellence, leadership potential, and commitment to social service. Besides these scholarships, several British universities and organizations also offer postgraduate scholarships for Indian students. These include the University of Oxford’s Clarendon Scholarships, Cambridge Trust Scholarships, and Oxford-Weidenfeld Scholarship & Leadership Program. Other universities such as the University of Manchester, University of Bath, and University of Edinburgh also offer scholarships for Indian postgraduate students. In addition, there are a few private organizations and trusts which provide scholarships for Indian postgraduate students in the UK. Some of these include the British Council.

Scholarships Opportunities in a nutshell:

  • Universities offer internal scholarships which are usually merit-based

  • There can be some additional application options for each University

  • Some common external scholarship options include:

  • Commonwealth Scholarship

  • Chevening Scholarship

  • British Council Scholarships

Why Blossom Abroad

Blossom Abroad Overseas Education is a great resource for students looking to study abroad. We offer personalized advice and guidance on the best programs, universities, and locations for students, as well as provide assistance with visa and application processes. We provide students with expert advice about the educational systems and enable them to make informed decisions about their studies.Our support and advice on issues such as accommodation, travel, and cultural adjustment. Furthermore, we provide access to resources such as student discounts, scholarships, and bursaries that can help students finance their studies. Ultimately, we can help students take the first step on their journey to achieving their academic and career goals.

Blossom Abroad provides complete Admission Guidance to UK universities. Our services include:

  • Profile Analysis and profile building

  • University shortlisting

  • Application guidance

  • Document editing

  • Interview preparation

  • Scholarship essay editing

  • Visa guidance

All this is done with a small caution deposit of INR 5000. This is refundable once student joins the course.  So, if you join a UK university, we essentially offer our services FREE OF COST.

Most importantly, we are partnered with almost all Universities in UK. So if you apply through us, your application process becomes smooth and hassle free, and you get fast decisions. 

Course Options Covered

Bachelor's Level  Courses  Inclusive Medicine & Law

Master's Level Courses Inclusive MBA & LLM

MRes/ MPhil


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