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University Shortlisting Unveiled: Debunking Myths and Revealing Facts

Selecting the right university is one of the most important decisive factors for determining students’ success later in their careers.  If you don’t select the ‘right fit’, you can end up not only with the wrong universities but also wasting your time, money and energy.


Selection should be based on ranking.  Most students are obsessed with ranking e.g. “ I want to go with the top 20 or Ivy Leagues” etc.

Fact: Should check not only ranking but reputation, accreditation, course curriculum, budget etc., and most importantly if what they are offering is in line with your learning goals.


Choose a country that offers the cheapest courses e.g Germany: As there is no tuition fee, my only choice in Germany

Fact: As there is no tuition fee everyone wants to go there, So it becomes very challenging.

If you score more than 85 % and have a 4 year Bachelors then you can try looking into Germany, but the stakes are high. So, always have a back-up because educations loans are there to make your study goals achievable.


My friend has received an offer letter from X university, hence applying there guarantees my acceptance if I have similar grades

Fact: Universities evaluate students based not only academic score, but the overall profile, that is unique to each, matters greatly. Hence, choosing universities based on such superficial parameters oftentimes leads to disappointments. 


Non-popular university are perfectly safe options, I can easily get through these. 

Fact: If your profile is much better than that university’s class profile, after going there you might not be happy with classes and other peer groups. Sometimes, universities may anticipate that and reject your application right away. 

As overseas education advisors, we provide custom-made university shortlists that are ‘best fits’ for your profile, enabling you to fulfill your learning goals. So, get the best guidance before taking the most important decision of your life. 

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